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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A small history of The Celtic Cross

Celtic crosses have been a part of the Irish countryside as far back as the druids. The spoked wheel was the Celtic symbol for the sun. When Christianity came to Ireland, it brought its own symbolism of the Trinity, and fish symbol or "ichthus" used as a symbol of faith to early Christians. To the Celts, who were heavily invested in symbolism, the coincidences must have seemed striking. The two faiths intermingled with relative ease. Celtic Christianity absorbed elements of the pagan faith and Celtic Gods were transformed into Christian Saints.

The Celtic high crosses were generally constructed from sandstone and reached a height of twenty feet. The earlier crosses depicted druid decorations but by the 9th century the illustrations began to include elaborate scriptural scenes. There are many different theories as to the exact meaning of the original wheel. But it now represents the never ending love of the Christian God.

The Celtic Cross has become a popular symbol to the Irish and it's unique history and design is now popular around the world. They can be seen in necklaces, earrings and in rings. Celtic Crosses are found in private gardens and cemeteries in both the United States and Ireland.

We now have a new line of Celtic crosses at The Celtic Collection. These are larger decorative crosses carved out of light wood and finished with a bronze antique finish. These could be used to create a center for the expression of your own faith. Other crosses are etched on decorative plates that can be displayed. We also have a variety of Celtic cross jewelry designs available now and more are on the way. We hope to see you at The Celtic Collection soon.


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