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Friday, March 27, 2009

A Musical Night with Mike Gallagher
and the Weathered Road

It 's a rainy night in Bellevue. The weather reminds some of us that we wish we were in Ireland or Scotland. The gentle drizzle refreshes the Friday night crowd who gathered at The Celtic Collection to hear the live music of Mike Gallagher, and Weathered Road. The house concert is in The Cottage Room, a cozy room with lovingly worn carpets and a firplace crackling behind the musicians. The crowd mixes around small tables, laughing, hugging and uncorking wine to toast with friends. Anticipation ripples through the air as the musicians tune their instruments in the background.

The audience slowly eased back in their seats to enjoy the singing of Pittsburgh's own Irish Troubador, Mike Gallagher. In our unique house concert setting, Mike sang many of his original songs, much to the crowd's delight. Mike included a new favorite of mine, Born Of Fire and Steel, a song about life in Pittsburgh. The lyrics to this beautiful tune were written by Bob Pegritz, a former pennywhistle instructor at The Celtic Collection. We are sure to hear this tune played again in "The Burgh." Mike was followed by the group Weathered Road. This band is new on the music scene in Pittsburgh and has a mellow folk sound. The Celtic Collection is looking forward to carrying their first CD when it is released sometime next month.

Over forty people enjoyed our house concert in The Cottage Room venue. We have room left for you at the next concert in June 28, when Charlie Zahm will entertain us. Charlie is a well known singer and guitarist whom you may have seen performing at Highland Games and Celtic music festivals. Be sure to check out our website for more information about Charlie and reserve your tickets - http://www.thecelticcollection.com/

Our volunteer crew is finished cleaning up after our evening of Celtic hospitality and celebration, so I am going to sign off and prepare to tell you about my Celtic dance excursion in Canada this weekend.

Susan Shegog
The Celtic Collection

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Gift of Words

Each morning I read from a prayer book of Celtic Devotions. Our lives today are deeply impacted by the rich wisdom of traditional Celtic Christianity. I came upon a reading this morning that I will share with you, dear reader.

three things are of God;
and these three are what Mary told to her Son,
For She heard them in heaven;

The merciful word;
The singing word;
And the good word.

May the power of these three holy things
Be on all men and women of Erin for evermore.

The spoken and written word holds such power as to change the world. Or for that matter, create a new world. I try to guard the words that tumble from my lips ,for I know they have power over my life and those of the people I am intertwined with each day. Words have changed the course of history and created new thoughts. Although I may not be able to share many words every time I try to blog, I shall choose my words carefully. I invite all who take the time to read this, to share words with me , so that we may begin a rich universe of thought and wisdom within the confines of this small space. But it holds the ability to impact the world outside with all the joy and thought of the Celtic ancestory we each have stored within us.

Slainte Mhath