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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Celebrating Celtic at Peters Township High School

A 17 year old student is splashing water and preparing her clay as she readies her potter’s wheel for a new creation. Susan and I are part of the Career Day at Peters Township High School in McMurry. The Celtic Collection is one of the colorful displays that feature entrepreneurs, artists, writers, graphic artists, dancers, film makers and more. Our potter friends are part of the class by faculty member, Pam Graff.

I’m writing these blog thoughts while Susan tends our new display table and plays the bodhran drum while students crowd around to find out more about their heritage or the shop's offerings. It seems like everyone is Irish. Or, maybe the Scots aren't telling? Either way, several students gave the Bodhran drum a try with Celtic musician and Storyteller artist, Susan Shegog, giving hints.

A few pictures below tell the story that its lots of fun to see hundreds of students learn about the arts, education, and entrepreneurial ventures as part of their future possibilities.
Blogged by Bob Anderson with Susan Shegog at the Peters Township High School, 4/2/09.

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