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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Gift of Words

Each morning I read from a prayer book of Celtic Devotions. Our lives today are deeply impacted by the rich wisdom of traditional Celtic Christianity. I came upon a reading this morning that I will share with you, dear reader.

three things are of God;
and these three are what Mary told to her Son,
For She heard them in heaven;

The merciful word;
The singing word;
And the good word.

May the power of these three holy things
Be on all men and women of Erin for evermore.

The spoken and written word holds such power as to change the world. Or for that matter, create a new world. I try to guard the words that tumble from my lips ,for I know they have power over my life and those of the people I am intertwined with each day. Words have changed the course of history and created new thoughts. Although I may not be able to share many words every time I try to blog, I shall choose my words carefully. I invite all who take the time to read this, to share words with me , so that we may begin a rich universe of thought and wisdom within the confines of this small space. But it holds the ability to impact the world outside with all the joy and thought of the Celtic ancestory we each have stored within us.

Slainte Mhath

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